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Camille Rocailleux + Guests take us to a new musical journey at a crossroads between current and classical music, musical theatre, and dance. The improvised performances and other bizarre experiments are joyfully telescoped on stage avoiding carefully to sound hackneyed.


With multiple hands and multiple voices, the artists are defying comfort zones, unsettling, provoking, meeting, disrupting, to prepare us a musical journey that is exhilarating, powerful, dancing, and bold. Solo, duo, quartet, or band, Camille Rocailleux and his guests are irresistible ballet masters!



10th february at MCB° Scène nationale de Bourges

December 16th opening of the festival Sur un petit nuage in Pessac (33)


1st & 2nd june at Festival Échappée Belle - Blanquefort

3rd & 4th june at Futurs de l’Écrit - Abbaye de Noirlac

22nd june at Comédie Poitou-Charentes - Poitiers


23rd june at l'Arc Scène nationale Le Creusot

12th to 20th august at festival le Nombril du monde - Pougne-Hérisson

13rd october at l'Arc scène nationale Le Creusot

20th october at the International Body Music Festival in la Maison des métallos - Paris


31st january at 109 - Montluçon

27th april at the official opening of Jardin des Histoires - Pougne-Hérisson


30th september at Festival Les Rendez-vous de la Lune - Salon des Mariages de la Mairie du IVème

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