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From 14 years old

Music and video

Show duration 1h15

Musical composer and artistic director 

Camille Rocailleux

Stage environnement et video creation

Benjamin Nesme

Sound and video control

Clément Aubry

Lighting engineer - stage manager

Thierry Pilleul


©Steve Laurens


Mathieu Ben Hassen

Bertrand Blessing

Camille Rocailleux




With MUANCES, Camille Rocailleux carries on his dialogue with the world and how it is shown to us through its predominant, omnipresent, and sprawling media: web videos.

Ideologies have disappeared, alternatives to the prevailing market are not attractive any more, a blocked situation is painted to us by information producers and broadcasters, no way to move forward, no perspectives, no solutions, no politics, no conditions.

Confronted to this wild and desperate picture, that is sustained day after day by thousands of hours of reports and testimonies, some citizens have decided to fight.

Without drawing conclusions or providing answers, MUANCES broach these questions with artistic caution.

An assessment of the world as well as a project, a musical investigation, and a sociological poem, this show is a snapshot, a shifted picture taken from a moving train.


Samedi 12 octobre 2019

Nuit Blanche à Charleville Mézières

Mercredi 13 novembre 2019

La Coupe d’or à Rochefort

Dimanche 26 janvier 2020

Le Triangle à Huningue

Jeudi 12 mars 20

Vendredi 13 mars 20

La Coursive à La Rochelle

En partenariat avec la Communauté d’Agglomération Pays Basque

Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle – Espace culturel Larreko

Jeudi 2 avril 10h et 14h30

Vendredi 3 avril 14h30 et 20h30

Saint-Palais – Salle Saint-Louis

Lundi 6 avril 10h et 14h30

Mardi 7 avril 10h 


16th november 17 / Arc Scène nationale - Le Creusot

17th november 17 / Arc Scène nationale - Le Creusot

20th january 18 / la Scène nationale - Sénart

30th january to 4th february 18 / Théâtre Dunois - Paris

4th october 18 / MCB ° Maison de la Culture - Bourges (18)

21st & 22nd november 18 / Théâtre des Îlets Montluçon (03)
2nd december 18 / L'Avant-scène - Cognac (16)
1st february 19 / Festival MOMIX (68)

21st & 22nd february 19 / Le Sax - Achères (78)
12nd march 19 / Théâtre de Thouars (79)

19th march 19 / Théâtre Jean Lurçat - Aubusson (23)
22nd march 19 / Le Safran - Amiens (80)
29th march 19 / Carré-Colonnes - St-Médard-en-Jalles (33)
14th may 19 / Le Grand Bleu - Lille (59)

16th may 19 / Théâtre de Vichy


PRODUCTION: E.V.E.R Company / Comédie Poitou-Charentes - Centre dramatique national (National Centre for Dramatic Arts) / Ville de Bordeaux (City of Bordeaux) / L’Arc - Scène nationale Le Creusot (National Stage Le Creusot) / Maisondelaculture de Bourges (National Stage Bourges).

SUPPORTS: Office Artistique de la Région Nouvelle Aquitaine (Artistic Office of the Region Nouvelle Aquitaine) / Théâtre de La Renaissance - Oullins Lyon Métropole (La Renaissance Theatre in Lyon) / L’Arc - Scène nationale Le Creusot (National Stage Le Creusot) / Spédidam (French civil society for the management of artist rights) / Adami (French civil society for the administration of artist rights).

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